George Playing at House Concert 2015
George Playing at House Concert 2015

Over the past 25 years,  George had the pleasure to record on YouTube, self-publish a CD,  compose and perform live at various events.

He performs on an eight-string classical guitar built by Ross Gutmeier (2015).

George at a Holiday Luncheon December 2016

George would gladly perform live for you the pieces below and other works in his repertoire, just contact me. Rates negotiable.

Live Performance: Since 1993, George has played solo and duos in house concerts, weddings,  and special private events. He has also consistently performed in the BCGS open stages. Contact me for details and see a partial performance list.


YouTube (in the order of recording)
La Paloma” by Sebastian Yradier (1809-1865)
• “Dia de Noviembre” by Leo Brouwer (1939-)
• “La Mia Fantasia”  by George Pleat (1953-);  download the sheet music
• “Bourree” by Leopold Mozart (1719 – 1787)
• “Variations on La Folia” by R. de Vidali (n/a)
• “Opus 35,#8 Allegretto” by Fernando Sor (1778-1839)
“What Child is This” arranged for three guitars by Frank Dalzell
“The Christmas Song” by Mel Torme (1925-1999) and arranged for three guitars by Frank Dalzell

Compositions by George Pleat
• “La Mia Fantasia” – sheet music download here ( for advanced players)
• “Casa Dolce Casa” – sheet music download here (for intermediate players)

Self-publish CD:  “La Mia Fantasia” in 2004  (contact me for a copy: $10 + Shipping)

La Mia Fantasia CD Cover
” La Mia Fantasia” CD cover (2004) – click on the picture to enlarge and read the list of songs