Guitars played by George Pleat. Both are eight-string guitars: left guitar by luthier Ross Gutmeier; right guitar by luthier Thomas W. Rodriguez.


As a boy when I first heard “Classical Gas” by Mason Williams on the radio, I began my love affair with the classical guitar’s multiple voice aspects and rich tones.    In my journey with the classical guitar, I have studied the instrument with passion and serious dedication, performing in house concerts, master classes, open stages and ensembles, as well as recording videos and a CD.


Six-string guitars: on the left a normal size and on the right a half size for small children



Now that I have achieved an advanced level of playing the classical guitar, and have been trained in the Suzuki and Shearer methods for guitar instruction, I am accepting children (10 years and up) and adult students.   I am also available to provide music for events such as weddings, private parties and commercial venues such as restaurants.

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