Guitar Lessons

Sylvie Taught by George _2
George demonstrating on a 6-string guitar to an adult student
George playing with his student John at a recent Driveway Mini-Concert
George playing with his student John at a recent Driveway Mini-Concert

My Philosophy About Learning Guitar
First and foremost, everybody has the potential talent to play classical guitar, just like everybody learns how to speak their native tongue. I consider the student, parent (if applicable) and teacher as a team. You, the student, will progress at your own pace, given your determination to learn and your time investment for practicing. I, the teacher, will do everything in my power to maximize your potential as a player and to develop your guitar skills to an advanced level.

“I started playing Classical Guitar after years of not playing standard rock / country guitar very well and hired George as a teacher.  During the last year and a half under his study, I have learned so much and developed a love of the instrument.  I look forward to furthering my studies and becoming more proficient in my playing.” Testimonial from an adult student, John. 

Student practicing on a 6-string guitar

Achievable Goals for Students
•   Develop playing abilities at your own pace on 6-string or 8-string guitars, classical or folk
•   Play a piece from beginning to end
•   Play a piece in front of family and friends
•   Develop guitar skills for advanced level, including visualization and reading music
•   Be prepared for playing in public

My Teaching fees and policy :  Contact me for a free orientation session;  weekly private 30-minute lessons are $25 per session; for more information see Guitar Studio Policy. In-person lessons are encouraged but online lessons (through Zoom) are also available. Please read my Covid-19 Policy for lesson protocols.

To start your journey in learning the classical guitar contact me

George playing duet with student
Teaching left hand finger positions
Teaching left hand finger positions

Where to obtain a guitar and accessories?  contact Mike Kirkpatrick Studio