Student Testimonials

I began my journey into classical guitar during the pandemic.  How lucky I was to begin that journey with George!  He has studied guitar for 30+ years and teaches students at all levels.  We used the Shearer method which he supplemented to provide variety in my repertoire.  George has a seemingly endless store of patience, and his style is collaborative: he listens for a student’s goals and then pivots as necessary to help achieve them, but without losing sight of the fundamentals required for successful musical performance.   He teaches in person, and when needed (eg the pandemic) on Zoom. He also encourages and provides opportunities for performance with others.  I recommend him highly!” Laura August 2023

“I started playing Classical Guitar after years of not playing standard rock / country guitar very well and hired George as a teacher.  During the last year and a half under his study, I have learned so much and developed a love of the instrument.  I look forward to furthering my studies and becoming more proficient in my playing.” Testimonial from an adult student, John circa 2020.